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Today’s customers expect web applications to work nearly 100% of the time. An issue with your website or application is seen as an issue with your business. If your systems aren’t thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance, you could be loosing business without even knowing it.

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Web Development Services that yield business results

Functional, well-tested code that does what your customers expect when they expect it is the backbone of any web development project. Without solid procedures in place to alert you when things go wrong, how would you know when your application needs to be fixed? At Clicks Web Design, our web developers write clean, thoroughly tested code that our clients can rely on.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Web apps have the typical front-end and back-end web development technologies and share many characteristics to traditional website development. Web applications also require more rigorous testing than other forms of software. Building a custom web application is a way to design and build an app tailored to your specific business needs.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Creating your own plugins is one of the best ways to add unique functionality to your website, which may not be available in any existing plugins. We code secure, scalable, and high-performance custom WordPress plugins that seamlessly extend the functionality of your site and are tailored to your specific business needs.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Users navigating the front end software determine how well an application measures up while back end developers create the platform that supports the front end. Essentially, back end and front end development need to work together to deliver the best of both worlds. Hiring our full-stack development team can make for more comprehensive software development overall.

Cloud Based Platforms

Cloud Based Platforms

Google's Cloud Platform, or GCP, is a public cloud service built on Google’s global, private, fiber-optic network. It provides direct interconnectivity between data centers with built-in security features. Utilizing the cloud can reduce operational costs and provides a robust, scalable solution for your development projects.

API Development & Integration

API Development & Integration

Software becomes more valuable when it can provide insights to improve productivity. APIs provide an interface for controlling and connecting software applications. Whether you need API development or are just looking to get two software applications to talk to each other, Clicks Web Design can help bridge the gap.

Custom CMS Development

Custom CMS Development

For most businesses, a custom CMS is overkill. But for some businesses with high-performance demands or requiring custom functionality, a custom CMS starts to make more sense. Custom CMS development allows for a high level of data security for document and records management and can be tailored to your specific content management needs.

Our Web Development Process

Web Development Simplified

Whether you need an application developed from the ground up or want to add new functionality to an existing application, our web development process walks you through a proven method for developing secure, thoroughly-tested code that meets your business’s needs and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

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What Does A Web Developer Do?

Web Developers build & maintain the systems that power your website

Web developers take a design and make it a fully functional application or website with programming. They understand the ins and outs of different programming languages and how to troubleshoot errors, or bugs, to deliver a performant product.

Web Development
  • Our web developers write code in a combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP based on the needs of the project to make a concept a reality.
  • They integrate graphics, 3rd party applications such as APIs, and other content into websites and web applications.
  • To ensure a site or application is error-free and is compatible with all major browsers, our website developers thoroughly test code both manually and with automated testing systems.
  • Databases, which store the data used by websites and apps, are set up by our back-end developers to send information to and from databases without communication errors.

Congratulations to the whole Clicks Web Design team!

We took a great first step to moving all of the SOS system over to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Without a hitch, Kevin and his team successfully transitioned the SOS backend database and web interface to the GCP.

There have been months of behind the scenes work done by Kevin and his team to get to this point. To make the switch without any "bugs" occurring is very impressive and deserves our congratulations to the whole Clicks Web Design team!

Greg Pink
Owner, Select On Site LLC

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Custom Developed Solutions Delivering Solid Performance

Even though each of our web development projects differs in their needs and requirements, they all demand technically solid web performance. Meticulous code testing by our web development teams ensures the high-quality performance your customers expect and your business deserves.

FAQs About Web Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about web development? Here are some of the more frequent things we get asked.


How long should my web development project take?


Well, the short answer is...that depends. Every web development project has a different scope depending on what it has to do, who it has to serve, and the purpose it's looking to achieve. And some projects require specific technologies in order to meet these goals. Every web development project starts with an assessment to establish the project's scope of work, various cost factors, and a realistic timeframe for its completion. Once in production, the project is broken down into phases of work and progress reviews are scheduled at regular intervals for each phase of work to keep everyone informed. So while the duration of web development projects may vary, our process for managing each project does not.


Aren't web developers and web designers the same thing?


Well, not exactly. A web developer is more concerned with website features and their inherent functionality and uses various coding languages to achieve this. And while a web designer may or may not use programing languages in their daily duties, their work is more focused on the layout of a website's components rather than its function. Any web design agency requires having strong leaders in both. You need someone who knows how to make a website look good as well as someone who knows how to make it perform well. Form + Function!


What specific technologies are used in web development?


Web development comes with a huge set of web technologies you need to know in order to achieve the look and function customers are asking for. And in the world of web, these technologies are ever-evolving. An adaptable web development team needs to stay on top of the latest markup languages and multimedia tools being used to deliver the best results for their customers. At Clicks Web Design, we regularly use a combination of the following technologies: Angular, WordPress, Google Cloud Platform, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Are there different types of web development?


Web development is just as much about what you see as what you don't. There are a lot of moving parts to a website or web app and much of what you see and interact with is determined by how a web developer has...well, developed it. Web developers who work on the "client-side", or the parts you can see, are often referred to as front-end developers. Web developers who work on the "server-side", or the parts you can't see, are often called back end developers. And web developers that can work on both "sides", like the web developers at Clicks Web Design, are called full-stack developers.

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