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Overview of Divi Visual Builder

The objective of this article is to teach you how to use the Divi Visual Builder to make and save changes to page content on your Divi WordPress site.Index What is Divi? Accessing the Divi Visual Builder Making Text Changes to Content Saving Your Changes What is Divi?...

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Creating a New Blog Post on Your Divi WordPress Site

You're ready to add a new blog post to your website. Exciting! But how exactly do you do that? Before going into the steps, let's summarize how the blog of your Divi site was set up. When designing Divi WordPress sites, we create a page template for your blog posts....

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Uploading Media and Adding Images in Divi

Uploading Media and Adding Images in Divi New pages and blog posts can be enriched with images and media. Before new media can be embedded, it must be uploaded to WordPress. After logging in to your site, click on Media in the sidebar. Your Media section will look...

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