Uploading Media and Adding Images in Divi

Uploading Media and Adding Images in Divi

New pages and blog posts can be enriched with images and media. Before new media can be embedded, it must be uploaded to WordPress. After logging in to your site, click on Media in the sidebar.

Your Media section will look similar to this example below, except your media will appear in place of the placeholder content we display.

media page on WordPress

Uploading Media

To upload media, start by clicking Add New.

add new media button in wordpress

You can either drag and drop files to upload them or select files. Simply drag files from your computer’s file manager or click Select Files to find your file. Once your images are selected, they will appear in the top left of the grid of images. Click on your uploaded image if you would like to add alt text. Alt text describes the image to Google or screen readers and is good for ranking your page in search results. For more information on alt tag optimization, read this article from Yoast.

Adding Images to Text Sections

Once your images have been uploaded, they can be placed inside pages and posts. Navigate to the post or page you want to place the image in. Enable the Visual Builder. Then, find the content section you would like to edit. In this example, we will add an image to a text module. First hover over a text section until the black toolbar appears.

Click on the gear icon to open the settings: divi module settings edit gear icon

This will open the Text Module Settings which is where you can add the image:

place cursor where you would like the image to be placed

After placing your cursor where you want the image to be placed, click Add Media. This will open a window where you can select an image that was previously uploaded. If you have not uploaded the image yet, upload it now by clicking Upload Files. Select the image to upload to the Media Library. Once it is uploaded, select the Insert button to place the image within your content.

image uploaded

Your image will appear in your post where your cursor was placed. Clicking on the image in your post will make a small toolbar appear. Play around with these settings until you have the image positioned the way you like. In the example below, the float right option was clicked changing the image’s position as seen in these before/after screenshots:

image inserted into divi text box with no float
Image Before Float
right floated image in Divi content text box
Image with Right Float

Once your changes are complete, save the page as usual by accessing the Save button by clicking the purple triple dot icon on the bottom of the screen. Just like that, you have uploaded media and embedded an image into a Divi text module.