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As web design professionals, we’ll guide your project effortlessly from start to finish highlighting any issues along the way that might negatively impact your visitors’ overall website experience.

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Web Design Elements

critical web design principles for website success

Image is everything, they say. And while engaging, beautiful content is certainly important, at Clicks Web Design we believe that successful websites need more than just good looks to be effective. Our web designers dive under the surface, applying these critical web design elements to ensure the mechanics of a website informs the overall design.

UX Design

UX Design

The focused intention of guiding a user's experience with your brand in a meaningful, efficient manner and in a way most conducive to brand loyalty and success.

UI Design

UI Design

A smooth and intuitive interface guides users' actions on what you want them to do next and ensures they don't get stuck midway through the process.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

The effort of labeling your site's content to inform the organizational structure of your site's navigation in a way that makes sense to users.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

It is essential for all web page elements to automatically adjust to look good on any size device, but most importantly, a mobile device.

Website Testing

Website Testing

Another critical element of web design requires testing websites for potential bugs to ensure everything works flawlessly on any browser or device.



A crucial step at the start of the web design process used to conceptualize a site's page structure and interactions driving the overall information flow.

Our Web Design Process

Web Design Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Whether you’re planning a website redesign or a brand new website, our web design process walks you through a proven method for generating a high performing, branded website that leads your customers to act.

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What Does A Web Designer Do?

working with a web designer can greatly improve your website

Web Designers build or redesign websites. They understand what it takes to make a website functional and easy to use, but also what’s needed to excite a user and keep them engaged with your brand.

Web Design
  • Our web designers ensure users have a positive experience with your brand leading them to convert.
  • Our web designers also create intuitive interactions with your visual content that works on every device and browser.
  • Site visitors will navigate your website more easily when our designers help organize your content more logically.
  • Our web designers perform rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and user experience.
  • They also create schematic website wireframes designed to flush out high-level changes prior to development.
Elizabeth Hobson

Clicks Web Design's people are organized, knowledgeable, responsive.

Clicks Web Design’s people are organized, knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to work with. As a testament to their creativity and work ethic, we are using them for other photography & video animation projects.

Elizabeth Hobson
Marketing Manager, Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

Our Featured Web Design Projects

professionally designed websites built to impress

Even though each of our projects differs in their needs and requirements, they all have one thing in common – professionally branded web design with technically solid web performance. As experienced web professionals who deliver high-quality results time and time again, Clicks Web Design can help you get where you’re looking to go.

FAQs About Web Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a web design question? Here are some of the more frequent things we get asked about this topic.


How important is good web design to your customers?


For many business owners, a well-designed, professional website may seem like a daunting task to take on. And if you already have a working, yet outdated site, you may be asking yourself if redesigning it is really necessary. There is plenty of evidence out there to support just how important good web design is to your customers. Whether consciously or not, customers react positively to strong visual design and negatively to poor web design. Often users make a first, and lasting impression of your business based on what they see of it online. And as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!


How can poor web design effect my SEO ranking?


Web design can affect SEO in several different ways. If you're trying to build a website on your own, decisions you make could negatively impact how well visitors are able to find your website when they search for products or services you offer. Things like page loading speeds, navigational structure, and headline tags can all impact how well your website is found during a search query. Everything you do and say on your website should be geared at enticing website visitors to stay and connect with your brand.


How does the web design process start?


Often following a structured web design process helps deliver a more successful website in a shorter amount of time. For Clicks Web Design, our process starts far upstream by defining a website's goals and intentions to use as a roadmap and guide the decision-making process. The goals also help define the scope of the project; how many web pages and features the site needs and how long it will take to build these out. With the scope defined, we can finally put pen to paper and start by defining the sitemap and conceptualizing the design with wireframes - a blocking out of spaces, sections, and layouts for the overall website design.

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